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Since 1998 MedNews.com has provided the latest health and medical news, categorized by disease and conditions.

MedNews.com is a division of NetMed, an Argonaut Ventures company. Since 1995, NetMed has provided health and medical information online, and has published dozens of disease specific websites such as Diabetes.com, Alzheimers.com, Depression.com, Obesity.com and others. MedNews.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Managing Editor

Matthew Naythons MD
Dr. Naythons is a physician, journalist, NGO founder and early Internet health entrepreneur.

After covering the exodus of Cambodian refugees into Thailand for TIME Magazine, he formed and led International Medical Teams (IMT), a mobile relief organization that provided medical care to Cambodian refugees and displaced Thai villagers from 1979–1982.

In 1991, Naythons founded Epicenter Communications, which in 1995 published the first guide to online health: The Internet Health, Fitness, and Medicine Yellow Pages. Later that year, Epicenter formed two Internet health divisions: NetMed and NetHealth and created some of the first disease-specific health sites on the Internet. NetHealth/Epicenter websites included Diabetes.com, Depression.com, and Alzheimers.com, among others.

In January 1999, NetHealth was purchased by PlanetRx.com and Naythons became Vice President and Publisher of the online pharmacy. Following PlanetRx, Epicenter Communications resumed building health websites including Mednews.com, Heal.com, and Malaria.com.