Study Probes Odor, Sleep and Memory Link

Doctors have long advised that a good night’s sleep is important for memory, but researchers now say a familiar scent wafting in the bedroom might help sometimes, too.

The caveat: In the study, published in the journal Science, it only worked for some kinds of memories and during one stage of sleep, meaning it’s not the answer for people hunting a quick memory boost.

Boric Acid to Treat Yeast Infections In Diabetic Women

Diabetic women are likely to have more success in treating their yeast infections with boric acid vaginal suppositories than with azole drugs, such as the anti fungal medication fluconazole.

According to a recent report, many yeast infections in women with diabetes are "due to non–albicans Candida species such as C. glabrata and C. tropicalis. Observational studies indicate that diabetic patients with C. glabrata VVC respond poorly to azole drugs."

Source: Diabetes Care 30:312-317, 2007