Barbeque Grilled Food and Your Health

You’ve been reading for years about the dangers lurking in grilled meats. But who doesn’t like to grill in the summer (or even the winter if the BBQ addiction is high enough).
So what do you do? How can you enjoy the simple pleasures of grilling without picturing yourself in a chemotherapy ward lamenting that last grilled steak?

The simplest solution (other than throwing the grill into the trash), is to not grill at high heats. High heats char the outside of the meat and increase the carcinogens. Cooking slower cuts down the exposure.

Additionally, cutting off the outside fat (particularly in lamb) cuts down the risk of flame-ups that burn the meat.
And it isn’t just meat. Anything with protein (fish, chicken, snake) can develop carcinogens on the grill.

Dieticians, such as Elizabeth Schaub at Baylor Medical Center point out that grilling vegetables and fruits is risk free.

Source: Baylor Health Care System

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