My Cancer: An Online Journal

For those who dare to think about it, it’s one of those phrases that you dread hearing. For some it comes as a complete surprise, and for others, they may have seen it coming. But it is always difficult to take, and it helps a lot to read about others’ experiences when they hear those words….

You have cancer…

Journalist Leroy Sievers heard it back in early 2006, and he’s been documenting his thoughts and reflections ever since. From his first post:

“Then a while ago, I noticed I was slurring my words. One side of my face began to droop. I finally ended up in the emergency room for a brain scan. When I was being wheeled back into the ER, I caught the eye of the doctor, and I knew. I’d seen that look once before.”

“Four years ago, I came to after a routine colonoscopy to see my doctor’s face, and I knew then, too. Cancer. So, I had surgery and had been clean for four years. I was the poster child for early detection and treatment. Until now.”

“Sure enough, there was a mass in my brain. A brain tumor, and the next day, another body blow: lung cancer. I pushed my doctor for the worst-case scenario, so he gave it to me. Six months.”

Read more on the NPR website blog called My Cancer.

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