The Eating Disorder Center of Denver Appoints New Medical Director

(Denver) — The Eating Disorder Center of Denver is pleased to announce the appointment of Carolyn C. Ross, MD, MPH, as medical director. Prior to joining the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, Dr. Ross was the chief of the eating disorders program and head of integrative medicine at Sierra Tucson, AZ.

"The medical director position at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver offers a unique opportunity for me to offer patients their distinctive partial hospitalization experience,” said Dr. Ross. “The ‘real world/empowerment’ model at the center is very much in line with my own philosophy and what I have seen to be effective in treating eating disorders. I’m excited about joining such a well respected program as the Eating Disorder Center of Denver and am looking forward to working with the qualified staff there,” she continued.

Dr. Ross received her medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed a residency in preventative medicine at Loma Linda University of California. She also completed a two-year fellowship at Dr. Andrew Weil’s program in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona and served as medical director for The Rader Institute’s inpatient eating disorders program at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital in San Diego.

Specializing in women’s health issues, Dr. Ross opened three women’s integrative medicine centers in San Diego, CA, offering both primary care for women and complementary and alternative medicine modalities. She is a nationally known speaker, researcher and writer, authoring numerous articles and two books titled Miracles in Healing and Healing Body, Mind and Spirit: An Integrative Approach to the Treatment of Eating Disorders.

“Dr. Ross’s interest in integrative approaches to the treatment of eating disorders, which take into account mind, body and spirit in the healing process, works well with the treatment model used at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver,” said the Center’s Clinical Director Tamara Pryor, PhD. “We receive referrals from all over the country of patients who have very severe eating disorders. Our bio-psycho-social and spiritual treatment approach empowers our patients to change their eating disordered behaviors and begin the recovery process,” she explained.

Founded in 2001, the Eating Disorder Center of Denver offers the highest level of care for adults with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and related eating disorders in the State of Colorado. Services include a partial hospitalization program, which consists of 11 hour days, 7 days a week. This highly structured program provides medical and psychiatric evaluation and follow-up, individual therapy, family/couples therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational groups and nutrition therapy, including three meals and two snacks per day. Housing is available. In addition to partial hospitalization, the Center provides an evening intensive outpatient program four hours a night, three days a week, and outpatient services for patients who do not need as much structure and support in the treatment of their eating disorders.

For more information on the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, call 866.771.0861 or visit the Center’s web site at

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