Get Rid of Sun Spots

Are sun spots on your skin becoming unwelcome reminders of aging? Today there are treatments available that can help you get rid of them.

Sun spots usually start appearing after the age of 40 and are common in people with light skin. They start spreading more once you cross 50. Long hours or days spent in the sun during your early years are one of the most likely causes of sun spots.

While sunspots are medically harmless, many seniors seek to hide sun spots for cosmetic reasons.

Sun spots can occur both in males and females, but women are more likely to opt for a treatment to get rid of them. Today, a wide variety of remedies, from bleach to laser therapy, are available to treat sun spots.

Fraxel laser treatments—costing up to $1,000 per treatment—are one of the most effective, though also expensive. After the treatment it’s necessary to avoid the sun by wearing protective clothing and using sunscreens in order to prevent these spots from reappearing.

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