How the NIH Mis-Read 2002 Menopause Hormone Study

On July 9, 2002, federal government health officials announced that they had halted a major study of menopause hormones, saying the drugs increased a woman’s risk of heart attack by 29%.

But in the five years since, it’s become clear that some aspects of what was initially reported from the $725 million Women’s Health Initiative study were either misleading or just wrong.


  1. HGR says

    Many of you report to my office with a complaint of being hypothyroid only to have been told by so are you. However, they have not gone far enough to document what you know to be true. Your thyroid gland most of the time is producing adequate amounts of thyroid. However, after it leaves the gland, the brain takes over and it responds to environmental cues, sleep, stress, exercise, etc. This your primary care provider that you are normal on testing. Guess what? They are correct!! But, response changes the activity of enzymes that control the conversion of your thyroid hormone to its more active form known as T3. This has to be assessed to adequately determine your true thyroid activity.

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