Study Claiming Cannabis – Schizophrenia Link Fuels Debate

A controversy has been sparked by a Swiss study, which claims that a link has been established between smoking canabis and developing schizophrenia.

The study concludes that there was an increase in occurrences of schizophrenia during the 90s, which is considered to be a liberal period, and corresponds to higher canabis usage. The critics, however, have pointed out that the study is inconclusive as it is does not take into consideration the individual patients’ drug usage.

Researchers claim that there is a direct relationship between the development of the disease and the rate of canabis consumption. They add that regular smokers of cannabis are at increased risk of developing schizophrenia by two to three times.

Experts on drug issues have welcomed the report, but they also remain cautious. They believe that the hypothesis may indeed be true, but that the results are not conclusive.